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Ban Request Template*Read First*
Forum » Ban/Unban/Abuse » Ban Reports/Requests
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28th Apr 2012


When making a ban report you MUST include the following:
1. Name:
2. Steam Id:
3. Reason:
4. Proof: < a demo >
Please upload demos or screenshots

Also, to help the Staff members please name your titles to the accused person's name. This will be VERY helpful to us!

Things you perm ban for.

There are different types of hackers. Some will be easy and some will be hard.
1. Aimbot
This is a type of hack that will make the user of it move the location of the crosshairs to the opponents face. Causing the fact of only headshot or the fact that the user is shaking rapidly. This will be easy to spot after practice. Since it will be abnormal for a play to shake when shooting or shake when just walking around.
2. No recoil/No Spread
This is a type of hack that are almost the same thing. They both will produce a no bullet spread. Meaning that the bullets fired will remain in the middle of the crosshairs. On the No spread the user will shake in a uncontrollable way. While the no recoil will shot and there will be a easy way to see if the user is using it.
3. Speed
This is very easy to spot. This hack allows the user of it to run extremely fast. When someone is using this they will get to a spot that you know is not possible within the time that you got there.
4. Walls
This is where the user will be able to tell where the other opponents are. The user will trace the opponent through the walls and sometimes will even prefire. Trying to see if this person uses walls if they shoot through other walls and get kills. Or if you can't hear them on your headphones and they prefire on an enemy.
5. Spin Bot
This is where the user spins in a circle and gets headshots. When playing look out for people walking a straight line spinning. Then when they get to opponents they will get mostly headshots. This is very easy to spot. The spin of it gives it away
6. Trigger
This is when the opponent gets in front of the cross hair it will automatically shot. This is one of the toughest to find. Usually hackers will use other hacks, walls for example, with this.
7. No Flash
This is where the user will not be affected by flashes. This is when a flash bang hit near them and they get flash, but still are able to get a kill of an enemy. These are easy to find with experience.
8. No Smoke
This is where the user will not be affect by smoke grenades. They will see through the smoke like if it wasn't even there. This is easy to spot since the user will shot at people who are in the smoke.

All ban reports need a demo or screen shot! With out these then the thread that you made will be deleted! Also, there must be a steam id in the demo or screen shot. If there is no way to figure out what the hacker steam id is with the evidence then the thread will be locked!!!
Note* Please upload Steam Screen Shots to imageshack or something similar, so it doesnt get deleted from your profile later if an Unban request is made.

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Forum » Ban/Unban/Abuse » Ban Reports/Requests
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