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Unban Request Template*Read First*
Forum » Ban/Unban/Abuse » Unban Requests
Joined: 23rd Apr 2012
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29th Apr 2012

Banned for a strange reason or unjustly? Post an unban request!
Not sure who banned who check our ban list! Located HERE!

Information We Need:

Regular Unban
1. Your in-game name:
2. Your Steam-Id:
3. Reason for ban:
When you make a unban request PLEASE be honest. We will find out the truth no matter what. If you come in here lying and we find out then you will not be unbanned.

Helpful Hints When Posting:
Anger is one of the worst ways to come off. This shows the Staff and Council that you don't need to be unbanned/removed from T-list. So better off to calm down before coming to the forums. Go to the restroom and allow yourself to relax.
Not following this template:
This shows us you don't try to help us and makes it seem like we should just ignore the thread and wait till you fix the problem.
The ones where you say a brother/grandma/dog/blade of grass/friend/brother's friend's sister's cat's flea has done WONT WORK. Even if that was the case, it is your fault for letting them get on your account. WE WONT UNBAN FOR THIS EXCUSE!!! Just be honest with us.
Be Honest:
This will get you far. It will show us you have learned from what you did wrong and we will be able to trust you. Everyone has their own mistakes and if you own up to them then you will have a chance to get an unban/removal (Depends on circumstance).
Other members will post but don't worry what they may say. Staff and Council will be the ones that will do something. Don't get into an argument with another member since this will lead to the thread getting locked/deleted. This will also cause you request to be denied since we don't want you unban/removed with your attitude.

Example Unban Request:
1. Your in-game name:~E.G~Master
2. Your Steam-Id: http://steamcommunity.com ... es/76561198015728639 or 76561198015728639
3. Reason for ban: I was mic spamming and I am sorry for doing that.

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Forum » Ban/Unban/Abuse » Unban Requests
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