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About Us

***Elite Gamers*** is meant only for players who have reached excellence on Call of Duty !!! Only they have the right to be here. They are simply some of the best you can find. If you are in here you have reached the top. None other can oppose your devastating raid. Your skills, fair play, personality and endless victories have placed you at the edge of the top ! The players in here are not only members but they are carriers of the Call of Duty Elite at the top of leaderbords.They really are some of the best you can find !!!

Victory needs no explanation. Defeat allows no explanation.2. Battle is my home. Gun is my name. My birthday is on your defeat day. Born out of skills, rage and fire. This is who i am. Dare me for your descent.

***Elite Gamers*** has been created in order to gather players around the globe with superior skills and performance and at the same time allow them to come in contact with others equal.So as to be able to achieve a satisfactory position on the best clans in leaderboards of Call of Duty Elite... ...

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